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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Trying to Conceive?

Once a couple decide to start "trying", they set out on a journey with the belief that pregnancy will happen very soon.  Each month when pregnancy does not happen, the couple start again with a new hope and vigour, search the internet for tips and tricks and try everything that they are advised by friends, family, colleagues or for that matter anyone! And when the pregnancy test comes negative again and yet again, this hope turns into despair.The journey becomes intimidating and lonely.

Negativity creeps into the mindset and life becomes hell. Romance goes out of the window and making a baby becomes a job. Endless questions come to mind, "Why me?", "Am I ever going to have a baby?", "When?", "Am I doing everything right?"....... Doctors usually have no time to answer the questions which the couple think are too silly to ask anyway! Old wives tales, misconceptions abound. And then there are people who patronize and tell them "Don't worry, It will happen!". 

I have no advise to offer that you have not been offered before. I will however endeavour to place the facts before you and answer any questions that need to be answered. Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question. So please do feel free to ask anything. 
  • Nature is not very efficient in the process of conception. At the most 20-30% of women will fall pregnant in a cycle. That puts the odds of failing at atleast 70%! This also means that it can take at least a year to conceive even if everything is normal.
  • Timing of intercourse does not have to coincide with ovulation. The egg once released is viable for about 24 hours while sperms may be viable for up to 5 days. The bottom-line is that the frequency does not need to be more than once in every two to three days. Throw away your ovulation kits and hold on to spontaneity! Your husband will certainly thank you for it!
  • Pregnancy is physiological and will occur whether you are resting, working or exercising. There is no role of bed rest in improving your chances. In fact distractions may make the waiting game a bit more bearable.
If after one year of attempts (or 6 months if you are over 35), conception has not occurred please seek the advice of an infertility specialist. 

Accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope......
Martin Luther King Jr.

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