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Friday, 21 March 2014

Polycystic ovarian disease: What next?

The most common condition which causes a disturbance in ovulation is Polycystic ovary disease. If your periods are absent or occur more than 35 days apart please consult a fertility specialist rather than wasting time trying to conceive naturally in the absence of ovulation.

When you go to see a fertility specialist, you and your husband/partner will be advised to undergo some basic tests to ensure that there are no other contributory causes to delay in conception. The tests would include hormone tests to confirm that the cause of irregular cycles is PCOD, tests for checking thyroid hormones and prolactin and may include patency test for tubes. You will also be advised to have tests to confirm that you are otherwise healthy and free of infections that can be transmitted to the baby. Once this is done, the doctor will start the process of ovulation induction. 

Weight loss in women who are overweight/obese is highly recommended. When age permits, it is well worth taking the effort to normalize the BMI as the response to treatment is better after weight loss along with a lower risk of miscarriage. Some women who have high levels of insulin will also benefit from taking Metformin tablets. I have had many patients who have conceived at this initial stage of treatment

Ovulation induction in PCOD in the next post....


  1. after reading your blog many childless women will consult ivf specialist.

    1. Thank you! My purpose is to spread factual information to enable all who are trying to conceive and thus empower them to take the right decision.