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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

All izz well!

As a fertility specialist, I meet many people, singles and couples anxious to conceive. As is well known but barely acknowledged is the fact that the success rates of fertility treatments in most cases are less than 50%! That means, as one of my mentor used to tell all patients, you are more likely to not conceive than to succeed from fertility treatments. Yet hope and faith are the two big must-haves for all patients. Indeed I have realised time and again that it is those who have an overdose of hope and faith that do actually get pregnant against all odds!

When I consult, I make every effort to build up a rapport with my patients, I am brutally honest but stop short of breaking that very fragile hope that is their only lifeline. Even after the best efforts, when patients don't conceive, it is upsetting to all involved. More upsetting than I would like to acknowledge.

But equally rewarding is the report of pregnancy which wipes away the negative thoughts but strengthens the resolve to do better and more for the others who seek my advice. I cherish the photos of all the babies that are born and the thought that comes is : "All is well.....keep going...."

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